Heavy Medium

MINCO TECH’S design philosophy, regarding heavy media cyclone separation, is based on extensive and successful research carried out over the past 60 years. Research such as DSM carried out in the 1950’s and the extensive work by the Julius Krittschnitt Mineral Centre (JKMRC) in Queensland, Australia during the 1990’s helped develop the mathematical model allowing for the creation of the Dense Media Handbook. This research generated the JK cyclone simulator and modelling program. Much of this research has been carried out with Minco Tech cyclones. Further extensive cyclone research was also carried out by the Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP). This work assisted with improving performance parameters, especially with cyclone feed inlet design. Minco Tech cyclones are modelled with consideration given to the above mentioned research and also supported by results from hundreds of installations throughout the world. These cyclones are achieving maximum yields and efficiency in sizes from 50mm to 1500mm and feed rates of 10 tonnes per hour to 1000 tonnes per hour. A vision to excellence to ensure maximum efficiency through continued research and development. Minco Tech offer individually designed cyclones to ensure maximum performance for each application. Minco Tech Cyclones are available in various materials from 27% chrome to pre engineered high alumina ceramic tiles. Wall thickness from 25mm to 38mm. For expert assistance contact Minco Tech sales and service engineers





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