Water Filter

  • Minco Techs water filter is an optimal choice for most industrial & mining applications designed to remove particles ranging from 100µm to 5mm. It requires low maintenance, is easy to install & can still operate while routine maintenance is completed due to standby filter functionality.
  • Our water filter is capable of handling a wide range of capacities from 100m³/h through to 2500m³/h. We’re able to custom design a specific filter to suit your application.
  • It removes silt, scale, sand, dirt & organic matter from intake water, process water, wastewater & more. You will quickly maximise your water savings with a low water flush rate.
  • The filter is capable of being backwashed to flush the system and clean the screen.
  • Pneumatic actuated butterfly valves with position switches for automation
  • Available locations to install pressure gauges & a differential pressure sensor
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