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We have been leaders in the niche area of mineral processing for more than 40 years. Our commitment to quality design and providing real solutions for real situations has made Minco Tech the go-to for the world’s biggest (and littlest) mining houses.

We are committed to delivering excellence through our quality design, equipment and people.

Our dedicated sales team and engineers are ready to talk through your next steps and find the best solution for your site.

Our history


In the beginning, around 1978, Minco Tech started off as an interest in a family business. It started with measuring and supplying pipes to the mining industry. As innovation became possible, the business moved into cyclone research and development. Minco Tech’s investment in cyclone research and development has only grown from there.

Today, we are a family business with inherent values of trust, honesty and integrity running through our veins.

We are long-time active members of the Australian Coal Preparation Society and regularly attend technical training and networking events to stay abreast of the industry.

Every day we develop solutions to help our customers face challenges. Quality, price and customer service are inherent but, for us, it’s the long-term relationships that are most important. The size of your order doesn't matter—we treat everyone with respect and dignity.

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Our people


Every person on our team is committed to quality products, honest advice and great service.

All our sales engineers have been with MincoTech for more than 10 years, which means thousands of hours honing our on-site skills.

For us—and for our clients—excellence in measurement and supply means more time and profit.

Our committed engineers and sales team are experienced in mineral processing plants and equipment and are available to discuss your next project.

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Working with us

Minco Tech is a family-owned and operated business. Many of our staff have been with us for over 10 years because our people become part of the family when they work with us.

Minco Tech’s tight team enjoys a secure and safe place to work and are kept up to date with training. We have a culture of trust and respect within our workforce which we’ve worked hard to sustain.

For more information on working at Minco Tech, contact us.

Our partners


We’re good suppliers and we’re good customers, too. Some companies go wide with their suppliers. We go deep.

We partner with a few select and trusted suppliers who, over decades, have proven their reliability and value to our customers and us. That means that when our clients need a product, we’ve got it.

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Maximise your profits.

Talk to us to find out how.


Postal: PO Box 142, Cardiff NSW 2285

Delivery: 7 Pavilion Place, Cardiff NSW 2285

Telephone: (02) 4954 6988