Suspended electro magnet Magnetics


Superior design, superior recovery

Our magnetic separators are of superior design to efficiently recover magnetic material and are available in several types.

Depending on your requirement, we supply and service both permanent and suspended wet and dry magnetic separators.

Low-cost maintenance

Easy operation

Separation selectivity

High capacity

“We engaged Minco Tech to quote on a replacement part in our processing plant. Minco Tech thought outside of the box and redesigned the process with lower wear parts that offered safe and more efficient inspections, less unplanned down time and ultimately saved us money.” — Minco Tech customer

When you’re dealing with fines, it’s necessary to work with water in a wet magnetic drum separator. There are a number of products we prefer, and we select the magnet system to suit the specific context. Always, our focus is on achieving maximum performance.


Minco Tech’s dry magnetic drum separator is best suited for minerals such as iron ore, beach mineral sand and other industrial materials, where fines aren’t too much of an issue.


We design and build sophisticated magnetic systems to help you sort minerals.


Maximise your profits.

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