Dry magnetic drum separator

Dry magnetic drum separator

The right separator for the job

Minco Tech’s dry magnetic drum separator is best suited for minerals such as iron ore, beach mineral sand and other industrial materials, where fines aren’t too much of an issue.
Why Minco Tech separators?
  • Electromagnetic vibratory feeders with provision for variable feed control
  • Rubberised roll feeders with variable frequency drive to control feed rate
  • Gravity-fed hoppers for small capacity and small width drums
  • Complete dust-protected housing in mild steel/stainless steel
  • Multiple drums in a single housing
  • Multiple split discharge chutes
  • Magnetic re-run or non-magnetic re-run as desired
  • Low intensity or medium intensity drums available
  • Axially aligned alternating magnetic polarity to produce a sharp separation
“Minco Tech works with the customer on unique design and delivery.” — Minco Tech customer
Experience the benefits
  • Available in a range of diameters: Ø 305; Ø 381; Ø 610 and Ø 915mm
  • Widths from 150–3000mm
  • Can operate on particle size range from 0.050mm to 50mm
  • Can be used for upgrading of non-ferrous minerals by removing magnetic impurities (e.g. silica, feldspar, calcite, quartz, chromite etc.)


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