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Do more with less

There’s not a problem that happens in a washery where we can’t help—from spare parts to new thinking.

There is a growing need for mining companies to do more with less. These challenges are what drive us to find solutions to make a difference for your company. We make it our business to increase your yields and production outputs, decrease operating costs and reduce environmental impact.

Increase reliability

Reliability is a mainstay for mining. At Minco Tech, we understand the importance for your machinery to be functioning when you need it to.

Increase capacity

With increasing demands for commodities, Minco Tech designs systems to ensure optimal capacity, to provide you with the best returns on your investment.

Increase wear life

It’s no secret there’s a lot of wear and tear in mining operations and Minco Tech make and design products with this in mind. When a part does reach the end of its life, we have replacements readily available.

Improve product quality

We have a long history working with exceptional manufacturers and suppliers to deliver quality products that withstand harsh conditions, globally.

Minimise environmental footprint

Our systems are manufactured to not only withstand harsh environmental conditions, but to also maximise resources such as water and power used to prepare your minerals. Every little bit helps.

Process optimisation

Minco Tech operators have years of experience in improving mine sites for optimum return and reducing operating costs. We audit your current system or proposed site and propose bespoke solutions for your individual needs, at the best price. Ask how we can help to keep your operating costs as low as possible.

“The sales team at Minco Tech went above and beyond to personally deliver the parts to rectify the breakdown, saving us significant time and money.” — Minco Tech customer

Maximise your profits.

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