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Tough jobs need tough equipment

Minco Tech pipes are built to the utmost quality to withstand harsh, rocky treatment. They range in size, thickness, weight and material—whatever the job, there's a product to suit.

Our team has experience with all kinds of jobs on all kinds of sites, and will guide you on the best product for the job. Explore our pipe products here, or get in touch with our friendly team and let them help you determine the right product for your site.


Unequalled durability


Precision fit to maximise wear life


"Due to significant cost savings, we recently ordered a large number of pipes from Minco Tech rather than from our usual supplier. Everyone within our organisation agreed the quality and delivery time were exceptional. We were so impressed we have just placed another larger order." — Minco Tech customer

We supply a large range of cast pipe fittings to suit any application. Our high chrome white iron castings pipes perform excellently under erosive conditions. This alloy is used widely in the mining, quarrying, power generation and general mineral processing industries.


Cast basalt is a natural mineral material that provides an excellent hard-wearing surface for corrosive wear and abrasion protection of equipment. We use a basalt lining to significantly increase the service life of our pipes, saving you money.


Our pacific split (DNR) coupling is a heavy-duty coupling suitable for pump suction and delivery connections in mining and mineral processing. Our DNR couplings are perfect for use as a connection or repair joint whenever you're joining plain-ended pipes. Plus, the couplings can be easily removed for access to pumps and valves.


Minco Wrap is the best and easiest solution for repairing leaking or damaged pipes. Avoid costly downtime with this quick and effective industrial-strength solution.


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