Cast basalt pipes

Cast basalt pipes

Pipes that last longer

Cast basalt is a natural mineral material that provides an excellent hard-wearing surface for corrosive wear and abrasion of equipment. We use a basalt lining to significantly increase the service life of our pipes, saving you money.
Why get your cast basalt pipes from Minco Tech?
  • Exceptionally high abrasion-resistance
  • Unlimited resistance to moisture
  • High compressive strength
  • Resistance to virtually all acids and alkalis
  • Completely corrosion-proof
The right material for the job

Basalt is substantially more erosion-resistant than iron or steel.

In fact, over time, as the pipe experiences more friction from the media being transported, the coefficient of friction increases—creating even more beneficial flow outcomes.

A range of sizes for the perfect fit

Straight pipe lengths come in diameters from 50mm to 700mm, and 500mm in length.

It is also possible to line lobster back bends with bend diameters ranging from 50mm to 700mm. The thickness of the basalt depends on the diameter. It ranges from 20mm to 25mm.

Ready for anything

Basalt-lined pipes are perfect for many applications including slurry lines for all mineral processing and hydraulic conveying. They're commonly used for fine material conveying.

Cast basalt is an all-round cost-effective and adaptable lining material that extends the life of equipment.


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