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Services you can count on

We’re there when you need us, with the right expertise, tools and spare parts to keep your equipment running smoothly and to support you for the lifetime of your project. From tailor-made solutions to repairs and training—our services support you at every stage, so you can optimise plant operations and achieve your goals.


An audit from Minco Tech can identify opportunities to improve operations, profitability and efficiency. Operational audits from Minco Tech are designed to give you a detailed look at those factors, and to give you the information you need to optimise your operations and deliver sustainable benefits.

Inspection reports

Minco Tech can efficiently assist with regular inspection reports that are required by new legislation and company policy.

Adjusting belt speeds

Sometimes an adjustment is required here and there. As part of our service, we make it our business to ensure everything runs smoothly, including your belts.

Spare parts and consumables

Because we have long-held supplier relationships, this means we hold a plethora of spare parts right here. Most of the time, there’s no need to wait lengthy periods for spare parts to come from overseas.

Operational services and training

Minco Tech delivers after-sales service to keep your systems in top shape. We factor operational services into your schedule to minimise your downtime. We also offer training and development for site engineers and staff on all our products.

Testing and research

Minco Tech has been working in cyclone research and development since the 1950s. We work with our customers on ensuring the best possible testing and research methodologies are implemented, depending on the mineral and landscape.

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