Cast pipe fittings

Cast pipe fittings

Tough conditions call for tougher pipes

We supply a large range of cast pipe fittings to suit any application. Our high chrome white iron castings pipes perform excellently under erosive conditions. This alloy is used widely in the mining, quarrying, power generation and general mineral processing industries.
How does it work?

High chrome white iron castings are highly wear-resistant, thanks to hard carbides within its microstructure. This means these pipes protect from mild corrosion and erosion.

They're best used for transporting mild corrosive slurries because the alloy gives excellent wear life for a variety of particle sizes and hardness.

Why choose cast pipe fittings from Minco Tech?
  • Erosion resistant
  • Can be used for a wide range of products
  • Significantly improve wear life
  • Cost effective
  • Manufactured to AS2027
  • Flange holes elongated to accommodate easy assembly
  • Patterns for non-standard types readily available.
The experts at Minco Tech are here to design a solution for your site

Pipes are made to order for your unique needs. Our team of engineers and drafting experts are on hand to design a new pipeline or improve an existing one.


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