Wet magnetic drum separator

Wet magnetic drum separator

Dealing with fines? Fine by us.

When you’re dealing with fines, it’s necessary to work with water in a wet magnetic drum separator. There are a number of products we prefer, and we select the magnet system to suit the specific context. Always, our focus is on achieving maximum performance.
Configured to your needs

We offer wet magnetic drum separators in two major configurations:

  • WLIMS (Wet Low Intensity Magnetic Separator)—using ceramic magnets
  • WMIMS (Wet Medium Intensity Magnetic Separator)—using rare earth magnets.
Why Minco Tech separators?
  • Range of tank styles: Counter rotation (standard and opti-flow), concurrent and counter current
  • Range of magnetic circuits: Maltipole (radial pole), Axial Interpole and high gradient magnetic circuits
  • Optional system features, including:
    • drum widths up to 3660mm
    • collapsible scale for pan-drum gap adjustment
    • special guards
    • tank bottom flush-out nozzles (can be done while drum in operation)
    • HDPE feed distribution pipe
    • direct drives (standard)
    • self-adjustable scrapper blades
    • underflow control devices: orifice plate, rubber pipes with counter weight, valves
    • custom-made tanks to suit existing installation for replacement machines.
“The team at Minco Tech go above and beyond to ensure our parts are available for the next shutdown.” — Minco Tech customer
Experience the benefits
  • Ideal for heavy media and FeSi recovery in dense media circuits
  • Major applications for magnetic ore concentrations such as ferro-silicon and magnetite ore
  • WMIMS typically used for scavenging circuits in magnetic ore concentration


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