Suspended electro and permanent magnets

Suspended electro and permanent magnets

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We design and build sophisticated magnetic systems to help you sort minerals.

We supply suspended permanent magnets for operating heights up to 300mm and suspended electromagnets up to 650mm.

Both types have manual cleaning and self-cleaning options for all belt widths.

“Minco Tech developed the solution to eliminate breakdowns and better plan routine maintenance.” — Minco Tech customer
Suspended electro magnets


  • Oil-cooled suspended electromagnets
  • Oil expansion tank
  • Fins on the body of the suspended magnet for better heat dissipation
  • Forced cool design for better operating efficiency of the magnet (optional)
  • Both self-cleaning and manual cleaning types available
  • Special guarding for safety purposes
Suspended permanent magnets


  • Using ceramic magnets means lower capital and operational costs compared to suspended electromagnets
  • Available for range of conveyor belt widths
  • Self-cleaning and manual cleaning available
  • Manual-cleaning option offers sliding metal extraction plate for ease of removal of tramp metal
  • Can be installed in cross-belt or in-line position


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