Double roll Crusher

Double roll Crusher

Fewer fines = more efficiency and more profit

Shumars unique double roll crushing principle and segment design delivers improved plant efficiencies and more profit for our clients by reducing the amount of fines generated through crushing.
Why choose Shumar crushers?
  • reduced fines production
  • reduction in power consumption
  • reduction of crusher segment wear
  • maximising desirable product size distribution
  • tramp protection and segment wear
How does it work?

All Shumar crushers have two machined rolls to which the crusher segments are bolted. Most rolls are fitted with six crusher segments—some large roll diameter primary crushers have more segments per roll.

Manganese steel segments are used in all primary and most secondary crushing applications. All segments are hand ground to master a drum for proper seating.

One roll is fixed while the loose roll is spring-loaded to minimise shock loads and damage to the crusher during a stall.

The loose roll position can be adjusted using the adjusting spindles when product size needs to be adjusted.

The loose roll bearings slide on the crusher main frame and are guided at the bottom by a wearing strip fixed to the main frame and at the top by a separate top guide arm.

Phosphor bronze and steel wearing strips are provided for all sliding surfaces. The bearings are spherical roller bearings and are sealed by a taconite-type labyrinth seal.

To protect the seals, the loose bearing housings are designed to pivot in the event of the roll kicking out. The lower hood is a permanent part of the frame.

The outlet chute is fitted to this section of the hood. The crusher has hood seals on the hood sides, which seals the crushing chamber to prevent dust escaping.

The crusher is supplied with a V-belt drive, a guard and a drive stand. A pair of geared motors drives each roll independently. Both drives are situated on the same side to make the crusher more compact.

We customise to your needs

You have the option to add an extended frame so the crusher can be removed with its complete drive.

A set of rollout wheels used to roll the crusher out to a maintenance area can also be added. They hydraulically extend to lift the crusher off the rails. The segments fitted to each crusher are carefully chosen to suit the customer’s needs.

Special segments can be designed to suit any application. While Shumar has a reference list of more than 400 units worldwide, every crusher is custom-designed to customer requirements.

You won't be restricted at the design stage of an installation because of existing equipment dimensions.


Primary crushers input sizes range from 300mm to 3000mm, with secondary and intermediate crushers having input sizes ranging from 3mm to 300mm.

Primary crushers capacity ranges from 180tph to 11000tph, with the secondary and intermediate crushers having capacities from 1tph to 4000tph—all dependent on the duty and reduction ratio required.

Maximise your profits.

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