Exceptional classification

Since 1978, we've been designing and supplying classifying cyclones to the mineral processing industry.
Maximise performance with the right combination of components

Many design components combine to maximise the performance and classification of our hydrocyclones.

The most important design parameters are:

  • inlet shape
  • inlet area
  • vortex finder diameter
  • body extension
  • cone angle
  • apex/nozzle.

Other features including material selection and cluster design ensure the cyclone offered for any process guarantees efficiencies.

Using this approach, we optimise a system for any project including gold, nickel, diamonds, copper, coal and many other minerals.

"Minco Tech’s regular cyclone inspections and reporting has helped us to increase the quality and yield of our saleable product.” — Minco Tech customer
Microcut classifications

Achieve excellent classification in all mineral processing applications with our range of microcut classification cyclones.

They're available in a variety of linings: rubber, ceramic, poly, 27% chrome and SiSiC.


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