Phoenix filter presses

Phoenix filter presses

Meet the Phoenix filter press

Phoenix has supplied the rugged model WX belt filter press across diverse global markets for more than 30 years.

The WX is available in several different configurations, each suited to a specific application.

Design includes a fully welded mainframe, oversized bearings and unique corrosion protection features.

Several compression zone arrangements are available.
Six steps to automatic dewatering
  1. Preconditioning (flocculation): Most applications require the addition of polymers to the slurry prior to dewatering. This results in the agglomeration of solids, releasing free moisture. An inline mixer is provided for properly dispersing polymer into the feed.

  2. Feed distribution: The slurry is fed to a specially designed head box, where the material is evenly distributed for more efficient use of the filtering area.

  3. Gravity drainage: Free moisture is separated from the solids by drainage through the moving filter belt.

  4. Wedge pressure: Material advancing from the drainage zone is deposited into the wedge zone. Pressure is gradually applied as the upper and lower belts converge to form a cake sandwich.

  5. Compression/shear: The belts then follow an 'S' path through a series of compression rollers. The surface pressure created by belt tension squeezes additional moisture from the solids. Simultaneous shearing of the material opens additional voids for moisture release. The belts part, leaving a dry cake.

  6. Solids discharge: The cake is separated from the belts by doctor blades and discharged.

"Our inhouse drafting team is one of the secrets to our success. Their combined engineering and industry knowledge is an invaluable asset in our design service."
Why choose Phoenix filter presses?
  • Heavy all-welded main frame
  • Modular construction
  • Continuous automatic operation
  • Open design
  • Pneumatic belt tracking/tensioning
  • Standard, extended, independent or dual gravity zones
Experience the benefits
  • Assures component alignment
  • Allows variable roller configuration for maximum process flexibility
  • Minimal operator attention and low maintenance requirement
  • Allows easy access to all components
  • Maximum corrosion protection in adverse conditions
  • Clean, safe operation for greater reliability
  • Versatile and effective dewatering performance


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