Water filters

Water filters

Set and forget water filters

Our water filters are an optimal choice for most industrial and mining applications, designed to remove particles from 100µm to 5mm.

They are low maintenance, easy to install, and can still operate while routine maintenance is completed due to standby filter functionality.
Maximise your water savings

Our water filter removes silt, scale, sand, dirt and organic matter from intake water, process water, wastewater and more. You will quickly maximise your water savings with a low water flush rate.

Our water filter can handle a wide range of capacities from 100m³/h through to 2500m³/h.

"We pride ourselves on our after sales service. We want the best outcome for our customers and back our products 100%."
Why choose Minco Tech water filters?
  • Can be backwashed to flush the system and clean the screen
  • Pneumatic actuated butterfly valves with position switches for automation
  • Multiple locations to install pressure gauges and a differential pressure sensor


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