Heavy media drum

Heavy media drum

Separate heavy media

The Malvern Engineering heavy media drum separates feed materials within a range of 10mm to 300mm.
How does the heavy media drum work?

Media is fed into the pool area of the heavy media drum via the feed chute.

As a result of the differing densities of the feed, separation occurs in the pool area of the drum. The less dense particles will float and exit via the overflow weir there they report to a drain and rinse screen to recover the drum medium, while the denser particles sink to the bottom of the drum and are transported by perforated lifters fixed to the inside of the drum and are discharged into the sinks launder.

The sinks material exists the drum via the sinks launder with the assistance of the push medium attached to the sinks launder inlet.

All medium recovered from the drain and rinse screens is reintroduced back into the heavy media drum continuously once the medium's density has been corrected.

Experience the benefits
  • Variation of feed quality
  • High availability
  • Simple rugged design
  • Sharp separation
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Site service support
Why choose the Malvern heavy media drum?
  • Easily accessible drive system
  • Superior wear materials
  • High capacity
  • High efficiency
  • Designed with safety in mind
Thinking about a heavy media drum?

There are a few areas to think about if you're considering a heavy media drum.

Separation effectiveness depends on the gravity of the materials you're separating (sinks and floats).

Smaller particles need more time in the drum than larger particles. If you're dealing with fines, it will be difficult to achieve the desired separation. This is also true if you're separating near gravity materials.


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